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Exploring 7 Alternatives to Google Jamboard for Enhanced Whiteboarding

7 Jamboard Alternatives, Article
Explore a world beyond Google Jamboard as we unveil seven dynamic alternatives to elevate your whiteboarding experience. From Miro's versatile canvas to the simplicity of TutorialsPoint, discover the perfect fit for your digital collaboration needs. Whether you're an educator seeking interactive teaching tools or a professional in pursuit of efficient teamwork, these alternatives offer diverse features and functionalities to unlock creativity and foster effective communication. Embrace change, embrace innovation, and embrace the future of digital whiteboarding with these exceptional alternatives.

Studio effects and Video Filters in Zoom

Zoom video Effects

Half your work during an online lesson is keeping your students engaged and making sure they want to be there! Adding fun activities and quirky little effects into your online presentation can make a huge difference and this week I’ve…

How to use Zoom for Remote and Online learning

Zoom is quickly becoming THE leader in online learning software. Designed for meetings within the Business sector, Zoom is ideally placed as it has robust and powerful software and tools to support online teaching and learning with minimal disruptions or…