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Google Tutorials

All about Google Workspace, Google Workspace for Education(Previously knows as G suite) and all the application you get access to with your personal Google account.

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Zoom Tutorials

Zoom has quickly become the number one Video Conferencing platform. Full of features and options to change, these video and blog posts explore the various things you can do on this platform.

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Microsoft Tutorials

Microsoft is a Giant! Their Office and Office 365 offerings are using in many companies and schools and have a range of different features These posts will cover all apps with the Microsoft ecosystem.

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Other Tutorials

All other software, websites and products will be covered here. Looking fore something new or different to try? Have a look at these posts and discover your next favorite application.

My Digital Toolkit

What do I use, like and recommend? Find out about my complete Digital Toolkit, which includes software, products and tools I use for content creation, day-to-day teaching, and Online Lessons.



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