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AI for Teachers!

Ready to save a ton of time thanks to AI? Diffit will create resources for you using any online resource such as a video, article, website or text except.

'Hidden' Chrome Feature

Are you a busy teacher looking to enhance your productivity? Chrome's Save Tab Group feature is your solution. Discover how this tool can help educators like you streamline lesson planning, assessing, and communication tasks. Say goodbye to tab clutter and hello to a more efficient teaching experience.

CapCut for Beginners

Explore CapCut, the free video editing software, in this beginners guide. Learn to create captivating visual effects, apply text, enhance audio, and more. I cover everything from importing media to exporting videos, helping you master CapCut's features and take your content to the next level.

7 Jamboard Alternatives

Explore a world beyond Google Jamboard as we look into seven dynamic alternatives to elevate your whiteboarding experience. With google Jamboard going away, it's time to embrace change, embrace innovation, and embrace the future of digital whiteboarding with these exceptional alternatives.


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Google Workspace

Make the most of your Google Workspace for Education account. New to the ecosystem? Or already have ample experience? Everyone will find something new here.

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These guides and tutorial deal with various aspects of using Zoom for teaching, learning and collaboration, both inside and outside of the classroom.

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Microsoft 365

If you have a Office 365 account or use Microsoft Products, these posts and overviews guide you through the many things you and your students can create or share.

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I love making resources, and here I share some of these with you so you can use them in the classroom, for professional development or help out a colleague.

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Other Tutorials

There are hundreds of different educational platforms and useful software around. Here I share many guides on how to use these and what students will experience.

Product Highlights & Reviews

Physical products and how these can be use in the classroom for teaching and learning. I only discuss products I genuinely enjoy using and believe will add value to your teaching.

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"There was a lot of information and it was very, very useful. I've learned a lot of tips and tricks that I wasn't previously aware of. I believe these will help me not only with the test (obviously), but also with my teaching."

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"I am inspired to create my own graphics as opposed to simply having them made for me or buying them prepared."

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"Sethi explained the process of using google drawing and took the time to help participants. He made this process easy to follow and create. Thank you, it was an awesome workshop."

'Do more with Drawings' workshop attendee

"WOW! This is was awesome instruction and advice! Between the two session that I've attended that you have hosted, I've totally re-thought my branding and design processes. Thank you!"

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"Very specific and excellent tips- this has changed my approach to G sites. Thank you- very informative- loved using HTML."

'Advanced Google Sites' Training attendee

"Thank you so much. Your channel is a treasure trove of resources 🙂 Keep up the brilliant work."

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"Absolutely excellent video, Has helped me tremendously in my knowledge if how to use google slides. Thanks so much!"

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