Boosting Productivity with Chrome’s Save Tab Group Feature

Are you a busy teacher looking to enhance your productivity? Chrome's Save Tab Group feature is your solution. Discover how this tool can help educators like you streamline lesson planning, assessing, and communication tasks. Say goodbye to tab clutter and hello to a more efficient teaching experience.

As a busy teacher you are juggling a multitude of tasks. These include many open documents and tabs such as lesson plans, tracking and parent communication on a daily basis. As such, I am constantly on the lookout for tools and techniques that can help me streamline my work and boost productivity. In this digital age, where managing various teaching materials and resources is a daily challenge, an organized browser can make a significant difference. One such feature that has transformed my day to day teacing and admin experience is Chrome’s Tab Group feature.

As you read on, you will see me delve into how Chrome’s Tab Group feature. This has become an invaluable asset in my teaching journey, enabling me to manage my tabs more efficiently. And… using a ‘hidden’ feature I save precious time when working from multiple devices!

Tab Groups: The Organizational Savior for Educators

For educators like myself, the internet is a treasure trove of teaching resources. From educational websites, and communication platforms such as my Gmail to Interactive content. However, it’s all too easy to find my browser cluttered with a multitude of open tabs. And yes, I do mean a multitude of tabs. Just counting the ones I had open today, I stopped at 20, and many more went uncounted. This digital chaos can quickly become overwhelming. Especially when I need to switch between planning, meeting minutes, admin documents, and various student resources. This is where Chrome’s Tab Group feature shines, allowing me to neatly organize my digital workspace. Added bonus: it has colour coding! Excellent!

The Tab Group feature offers a simple and effective way to categorize and manage open tabs. Gone are the days of relying solely on bookmarks or keeping a multitude of tabs open at once. To create a tab group, I simply select the tabs I want to group together. This can be accomplished with a keyboard shortcut, holding down the Shift key, clicking on the first and last tab. You can also hold down the Control key and select individual tabs.

Once I’ve made my selection, I right-click and choose the “Add to New Group” option. This action instantly streamlines my browsing experience, reducing the chaos of multiple open tabs.

Visual Organization for Educators

The power of visual organization cannot be overstated, especially in the context of teaching. With multiple subjects, lesson plans, and student needs to address, a cluttered browser can be a constant source of distraction. Not to mention a great way of wasting time, which results in less time for planning!

This is where the ability to assign specific colors to tab groups becomes invaluable. Visual differentiation makes it effortless for me to identify and switch between various teaching materials, communication tools, and administrative tasks.

For example, I can assign a blue colour to all tabs related to curriculum resources. Green is for communication tools, and a red colour is added to student tracking tabs. These visually distinct tab groups not only make my browser look more appealing. They also enable me to quickly identify the content I need, enhancing my overall efficiency.

Power tip: Have the colours match your colour choices for folders in Drive and tags in Gmail. 

Another way I’ve used colour coding and organised my tabs into three main groups. The admin, the current, and following weeks’ planning documents.

As depicted in the screenshot at the start of this post, colour-coded tab groups make navigation visually appealing and significantly simplify the process.

Time-Saving Magic of Tab Groups

One of the most significant advantages of using tab groups in Chrome is the time saved. The convenience of having your frequently used tabs grouped together in a compact form is amazing.

Imagine starting the day with a set of tabs dedicated to lesson planning. Then effortlessly switching to a tab group for tracking attendance and communicating with parents when students are absent. Finally, accessing another group for future planning. With tab groups, I no longer need to spend precious minutes clicking through tabs and trying to remember where I left off. Instead, I can keep my active teaching-related tasks neatly tucked away in their designated tab groups.

This efficiency boost doesn’t just save time for teachers but can significantly impact student learning. The ability to swiftly switch between teaching materials, grading, and communication platforms ensures that I can provide a seamless learning experience for the students. The less time I spend managing tabs, the more time I can dedicate to my students’ needs.

Accessing Tab Groups Across Devices

While the benefits of Chrome’s Tab Group feature are already impressive, there’s an additional feature that takes it a step further and is especially valuable for educators who often switch between different devices.

It’s called “Tab Groups Save,” and it allows you to save your tab groups for future use across different devices. This feature ensures that your meticulously organized tab groups are accessible on your desktop, and laptop, as long as you are signed into Chrome.

To enable this feature, you’ll need to open a new tab and type in “Chrome://flags” in the address bar.

Search for “Tab Groups” and enable the “Tab Groups Save” option.

After restarting your browser, you’ll have the ability to right-click on a group and choose “Save Group.” This is a simple yet powerful way to ensure that your tab groups are at your disposal no matter where you are teaching or planning your lessons.

As shown in the screenshot, enabling Tab Groups Save ensures that your tab groups are accessible on any device where you are signed into Chrome.

Easy Access to Saved Tab Groups

With Tab Groups Save activated, you might wonder how you can easily access your saved tab groups on other devices. Chrome has got you covered. To find your saved tab groups, make sure your bookmarks bar is turned on in Chrome settings.

(You can do this in the main settings app under ‘appearance’, or within the bookmarks setting and clicking on ‘Show Bookmarks bar’)

Your saved groups will appear at the bottom of the bookmarks bar.

In the above screenshot, you can see that the saved tab groups appear at the bottom of the bookmarks bar for quick access.

This design ensures that your organized tab groups are readily available, and you can seamlessly switch between devices without any loss of productivity. It’s a feature that can greatly improve your teaching workflow, and you’ll no longer waste time searching through all your open tabs or bookmarks to locate the specific content you need.

An Essential Tool for Educators

To wrap things up, I think it’s fair to say that with the Chrome’s Tab Group Save feature activated, this has quickly become an essential tool for educators seeking to streamline their teaching workflow. It’s not just a feature but a productivity revolution that has transformed the way I manage my resources and interactions.

The ability to visually organize tabs, assign colors, and save tab groups for future use across different devices is a game-changer for teachers looking to optimize their teaching experience.

As I continue to teach various subjects, switch between teaching materials, and interact with students and parents, the Save Tab Group feature has become my trusted ally. It keeps my digital workspace tidy, allows me to access the information I need with ease, and ultimately saves me precious time.

If you find yourself constantly overwhelmed by a cluttered browser or if you’re looking for ways to become more efficient in your teaching tasks, I highly recommend giving Chrome’s Tab Group feature a try, and activated the save tab group feature. It’s not just an organizational tool; it’s a step towards enhancing your efficiency as an educator and ensuring that you make the most out of your teaching time. The power of visual organization, color coding, and easy access to your saved tab groups can be the key to unlocking your full potential as a teacher in the digital age.

Try it out and experience the difference for yourself. Your students and your sanity will thank you.
If you would like to see a live demo of how this works and how you can activate the feature. Here is my video overview of the Save Tab feature


  1. I knew about Groups but not about the saving setting! That is a game changer ! Can’t wait to share it out to all of my colleagues and teachers. Thanks for taking the time to write this up.

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