Meet unlimited calls extended for Free Users

Google Meet is extending the availability of unlimited calls to June 2021. This comes as another extension after the previous two already granted by the internet giant.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Google has added many new features to Google Meet. Given that the demand for video conferencing has gone up, Google has shared they are keen to roll out even more features for its platform in the future. Video calling friends or relatives during lockdown is made easy with platforms such as these. The company also made Google Meet free for personal Gmail accounts.

I was a big fan of Hangouts, but always found the interface clunky. Seeing the development of Google Meet and Google’s commitment to this platform, has been great to follow.

Note for Educators: As a Google Enterprise user(soon to be branded Google Workspace for Education Plus) you also have access to additional features such as polls, breakout rooms and Q&A.

When Meet went free for regular users(read: personal Google accounts) many users tried the platform and found it was stable, easy to use, and overall a great experience. Some time later Google integrated Meet with Gmail and said it wouldn’t enforce a 60-minute time limit on calls until 30th September 2020. With the current Pandemic still affecting many, the date was extended to the end of March, 2021.

Now, we see that this is getting yet another extension through June 2021.

Thank you Google!

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