How to get live captions for every website with Chrome

Add live captioning to every website.

After seeing the live captioning and transcription feature roll out for Android users, Chrome is now bringing this to the Chrome browser regardless of the computer you use.

Everything you consume online can be more accessible today with the built in live captioning tool in the Chrome Browser! Accessibility online is incredibly important and many website are already makes great strides in providing this for their users. Videos are being manually captioned or services such as YouTube and Google Slides allow for live captioning to take place whenever you present. Zoom is rolling out Beta version of live Meeting captioning and PowerPoint has already had this for a while rolling out translated auto captioning.

Next up is Chrome, which as browser is going to make captioning available to everyone else! That’s right, every website, every video, spoken snippet and podcast. Chrome will captions the spoken text for you.

Turn on live captioning of websites

To activate this amazing feature and start adding live captioning to every website, first open up your Chrome browser and find the settings menu.

Open Settings in Chrome browser
Open your Chrome settings (Three dots, settings)

In the settings menu you will want to navigate to the Advances settings on the left hand side and open the Accessibility features.

Open Advanced and Accessibility settings
Open the advanced settings, select accessibility features

Here the first option is to enable or turn on the live captioning tool.

Enable Live Captions
Enable live website captions

Once turned on, every time a website has spoken audio the captioning tool will automatically transcribe everything it picks up.

Live Captions working on a podcast
Active live captioning

You can move the captions around the screen to still clearly see all the content on the website and can even select a larger view of the captions.

Larger view of live captions
Large caption view (click the downward arrow)

Live captions in action

Check out the video walkthrough of this tool to see it live in action.

The websites mentioned and referenced in this video are;

Or for even more on Accessibility features why not check out the workaround on bringing the Microsoft Immersive reader to Chrome here: Immersive reader in Chrome

Or if you’re an Android user, find out how to add captions and transcribe speech with your phone.

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