Accessibility features for your browser: Bring the Immersive Reader to Google Docs

I know! Sounds strange doesn’t it? A Microsoft Product fully functional within Google Workspace’s biggest application, Google Docs.

But it IS possible. Not natively, but using the following workaround you can use the Immersive reader within the Edge Browser to support students in your lessons built and written in Google Docs.

Here the video overview(Steps underneath the video)

Step 1: Open your Google Doc and Publish it to the web (This can be turned off after using the Immersive reader)

(You can always unpublish after using the Immersive reader.)

Step 2: Get your shared Published link.

Step 3: Open it in Edge and Voila!! Immersive reader on Google docs. I love it.

For even more leanring and specifically an overview on the Immersive reader have a look at this video in which I go through all the key features of the Immersive reader.

Microsoft has done an amazing job at building this great solution for a better experience within the Edge browser. The BEST accessibility feature of ALL browsers in my opinion. Until another shows up 😉


  1. Hi,

    I have followed your video in getting Immersive Reader to work with Google docs. I was about to get the little book icon (Immersive Reader) to show up when I went to Edge but not all documents. What am I doing wrong?

    Please help

    • Hi, have you followed the steps to publish the doc before you can use the immersive reader.

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