The powerful FREE alternative to Adobe Illustrator that works in the CLO…

Adobe Illustrator is one of the, if not “the app” to choose when making a vector or graphic design. Unfortunately, it comes at a cost which many students and teachers find difficult to fund. Enter Gravit Designer, a FREE, powerful and cloud-based vector editor that is as amazing as Adobe Illustrator. A cross-platform design tool for the 21st century and best of all, it gives you the ability to unleash your creativity using powerful tools that are previously only available on paid apps.

The video introduces you to the basics of navigating and using Gravit Designer. Visit


Gavit Designer could be a good tool for students (high school or college students) who are interested in design. Students could start designing without the need to download any software. There’s a lot of options to start designing for print, web, and mobile. There are many templates to choose from as well. Teachers can also take advantage of using Gavit Designer for their lessons that involve designing a logo, banner, vector art and more.

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