Get Exact Dimensions when printing in Google Drawings

Look, we’ve all been in that position where we have created something amazing in Google Drawings, and now we need to print it.

One problem. Those printing dimensions don’t match up. Another use case could be the need for exact dimension when printing on A4 or any ither sized paper. I have come across this need fairly often when making resources for my class.

Let’s say you’ve created your own topical rulers or some brilliant and shiny looking Bee-bot resources. Printing these type of resources requires you to ensure you have exact dimensions as a ruler with slightly off measurements won’t help your students.

In this video I walk you through some steps you can take when creating in Google Drawings to make sure your work looks the best it can when printed.

As a little sidenote; if you are creating resources for online shops such as tpt, you will definitely need this trick!

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