Quick CV Design in Google Drawings Timelapse

Recently I was asked by a friends how long it would take to create a Professional Looking CV in Google GSuite. 

I thought about this question for a while and was unsure how to answer it. However, I was very confident that it could be done in well under an hour. I decided that the easiest way to test this and find out how long it takes, would be to create a template live, others can use, adapt and share. 

So, that’s what I did. In the following video you can see a time-lapse sped up 5.5 times, creating a template CV which ended up taking about 34 minutes total (Don’t worry, the video doesn’t take that long!). 


If you are looking to create your own version of this remember that it is important to use Custon Page settings in order to get the correct document dimensions

For A4 these are:


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