Advanced Image tricks in Google Sheets, Spice up your Spreadsheets!

Back with another Tutorial on Sheets! I love Google’s Spreadsheets App and it has saved me a lot of time both collating and managing data.

The trick I’m going to show you today is a more advanced way of working with images withing your spreadsheet.
No we all know that you can use the Menu and insert an image. The downside of this techniques however is that the image ‘Floats’ around your spreadsheet and stands separate as an independent element.

That will all change Today!

I will show you how you can insert an image using a Function, thus the image behaves as Data and is linked to a cell.

You can insert rows, columns, etc… and the Image stays linked to the cell.

Learn how to do this in the following video:

I hope this Video was helpful and you’ve learned something new! For more information or if you have questions, simply leave me a comment right here on this blog or on YouTube in the Comment section.

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