Advanced Google Docs Layout – Creating a Resume/CV

Have you ever needed a resume or Cv?

Maybe you feel it’s time to introduce your students to this topic or your just looking for a different creative activity?

Well, using GAFE it is possible to create some visually stunning, yet professional looking Resumes. Have you students create their own, or maybe they can write a fictitious one as a reply to an online job advert.

You will have them engaged and whilst working practicing all the basic and some advanced features of Google Docs.

Here are some examples of Resumes created using nothing but GAFE!


If you want to find out how to create colourful and professional Cv’s like these simple watch the video below. As always if you feel it might be of benefit to your students or if you would like to use it in class. Go ahead and do so!

All you need is your Google account, and a healthy doses of creativity.

Have fun and Be creative!

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