Website Review – Online Safety

Another great website we should all know about! ThinkBeforeYouLink provides students, teachers and parent with free lessons and materials about online safety.

I highly recommend looking into using this site in class as it provides children with a fun and interactive way to test their knowledge of online safety.

Here’s a Quote from their website:

As a teacher, it’s important to make digital safety a priority in your classroom and ensure that your students know how to act safely, responsibly, and thoughtfully online. The Intel® Security Digital Safety Program gives you the resources you need to educate your students how to make smart and secure decisions online.

I could not agree more! Digital Citizenship is becoming an ever more important subject and this site will help you by providing structured lessons and some Teacher resources.

When the online lessons are completed, the website will provide the learner with a certificate of completion.  

To visit their website click on this Link:

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