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I have recently discovered an original news website and have fallen in love with it.

Not only is it a great resource to find Current Articles from around the word, you can use in class. It has been specifically designed for students and schools.

Newsela’s Slogan is: Read closely. Think critically. Be worldly.”

And that is exactly what your students will do when using this website. It is great to promote non-fiction reading and is always relevant with daily news.
I know this all sound great but I haven’t even mentioned the best part yet!

It’s free and great for differentiation! Every Article is available in 5 different reading levels, all covering the same basic content.

You can have different groups, all reading the same article at their own pace, according to their reading level, without having to worry about children being left out!

Some articles even have build in Quizzes.

For more information about Newsella, watch the screencast below and visit their website at

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