Supercharge Your Lesson Prep with Twee: A Free AI-Powered Tool

Twee is a free AI-powered tool that can help teachers generate text, create open-ended questions, and fill-in-the-gap exercises. It can automatically generate questions from a YouTube video and generate text on a topic. Supercharge your lesson prep with Twee today.

As a teacher, you know that lesson prep can be time-consuming and tedious. But what if there was a tool that could help you speed up the process and make it more efficient? Enter Twee, a free AI-powered tool that can help you create text on a topic, generate open-ended questions, create fill-in-the-gap exercises, and more.

Twee is currently in beta and completely free of charge, but it may start charging in the future. However, for now, you can jump in and have a play with it to see how it can help you supercharge your lesson prep.

To get started, simply navigate to

One of the most impressive features of Twee is its ability to automatically generate questions from a YouTube video. Simply input the video link and select the type of questions you want to generate (multiple choice, true/false, or open-ended). Twee will then create the questions for you, saving you valuable time.

Another useful feature is Twee’s ability to create fill-in-the-gap exercises. Simply input the text you want to use and highlight the words you want to remove. Twee will then automatically create the exercise for you, complete with the correct answers.

Twee can also generate text on a topic, making it a great tool for research projects or writing assignments. Simply input the topic and select the reading level (simple, intermediate, or advanced). Twee will then generate the text for you, complete with target vocabulary if you choose to include it.

Overall, Twee is an excellent example of using AI to cut down on all your prep time. If you’re a teacher looking to streamline your lesson prep, give Twee a try and see how it can help you save time and improve your teaching.

To sign up for Twee, simply go to and click on “Sign Up Here.” You will be asked for your name, email, and who shared the website with you. If you found out about Twee via the Flipped Classroom Tutorial YouTube channel, be sure to include that information.

Watch a video walkthrough if Twee here.

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