2023 Updates to Google Workspace (BETT announcements)

I am thrilled to share some of the exciting updates that Google Workspace will be rolling out in 2023. These updates, announced at the recent BETT conference, bring several new features and enhancements to enhance teaching and learning experiences.

Whether you are on the Teaching and Learning Upgrade user or an Education Plus customer, get ready to explore the amazing features that Google Workspace has in store for you.

Practice Sets: Transforming Learning Content into Interactive Assignments
  • AI-powered practice sets that convert learning content into interactive assignments
  • Suggestions for focusing on different skills based on added questions
  • Real-time feedback and support for struggling students
Interactive Questions: Enhancing YouTube Videos in Google Classroom (See this in action)
  • Ability to add interactive questions directly to YouTube videos in Google Classroom
  • Real-time feedback for students as they answer questions while watching the video
  • Improved engagement and learning outcomes
Assignment Organization by Grading Periods
  • Enhanced organizational features for Google Classroom assignments
  • Ability to organize assignments by quarters, semesters, or any relevant grading period
  • Improved efficiency in managing assignments and grades
Custom Building Blocks: Personalized Templates for Streamlined Workflows
  • Introducing custom building blocks in Google Docs
  • Creation of templates for recurring document formats, such as lesson plans
  • Time-saving feature for generating consistent documents across teams
New Chips for Enhanced Collaboration
  • Emoji voting chips for quick opinion sharing and voting within Google Docs
  • Stopwatch and timer chips for efficient time management during collaborative work
Reading Mode: Simplifying Content Consumption in Chrome
  • New reading mode in the Chrome browser
  • Reduces distractions by removing images and videos
  • Customizable settings for better accessibility, especially for users with learning disabilities
Slides and Meet Enhancements: Speaker Notes, Co-Presenter, Captions, Raise Hand
  • Viewing speaker notes while presenting in Google Meet
  • Co-presenter feature for collaborative presentation management
  • Captions for Meet recordings in multiple languages
  • AI assistance to automatically raise digital hands during video feeds
  • Institution-wide custom backgrounds for Google Meet sessions

The future of Google Workspace looks promising with these exciting updates. From practice sets and interactive questions to custom building blocks and enhanced collaboration features, Google is constantly striving to make teaching and learning more engaging and efficient.

Take advantage of these updates and explore the possibilities they offer. Let us know in the comments which update you are most excited about.

You can view all these updates and an explanation of each in the following video:


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