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Movavi Video Suite 2021 comes back with some amazing updates to their already brilliant offering of tools. Last year I created a video on the Movavi Video Editor 2020 and this time round, I’m looking at the entire Video Suite updated for 2021.

Not only does the Video Suite come with a screen recorder and Editor it has a range of additional tools such as file converters and an incredibly helpful slideshow creator that really set it apart from others on the market.

So let’s have a look at some of the Key features of Movavi Video Suite 2021.

The Interface

The Movavi Interface is easy to use and has changed very little from what you are already familiar with in Movavi Video Suite 2020. When opening the Video Suite you are welcomed by a number of pop up boxes explaining some of the features and additional product Movavi has on offer. Close these and you will see the main interface welcome screen.

Select the main purpose of Movavi and Movavi will auto select some application as your favorites.

I chose to click on ‘Ask Me later’ as I want to dive right into the main layout.

Here in the main interface you will find various categories of application on the left hand side and selecting the relevant category pulls up the linked application that are part of the Video suite.

We will look at each of these one at a time highlighting the built in programs.

You will also have noticed that some programs say ‘Launch’ and other ‘Try Out’. The difference between these is that the programs included in the Movavi Video Suite will allow you to launch from the suite. Whenever you see the terminology ‘Try Out’ this is part of an upsell and an additional feature you can purchase to add onto the Suite.

To see the optional add ons and how much these would cost in case you choose to use them Click on the application window in the bottom left corner.

The Additional Add-ons available for install or purchase

As you can see some free add-ons are available as well.

The video tools

Looking at the available video tools there are three main tools you will be using most frequently. The Editor, Screen recorder, and file convertor.

All the available video tools in Movavi Video Suite 2021

Here is an overview of the main tools available in the Suite 2021

  1. Video Editor 2021: Powerful video editor with some of my all time favorite effects and options. You have access to hundreds of video effects, filters, as well as transitions, chroma key and even LUTs(A new feature of 2021)
  2. Convert Video: A Fast and powerful file convertor for those times you need a specific filetype and don’t want to waste time trying to find it. I’ve used this to convert various mobile video formats into usable mp4 and avi files and others.
  3. Screen recorder: This screen recorder goes beyond what many others do and is able to add cursor effects, record your mouse clicks and keystrokes, presenting them clearly on screen. Perfect for instructional videos and explainer videos.
  4. This tool allows you to convert those old VHS tapes and others into a digital format you can share. It using a capture device to read and capture the incoming video footage.
  5. Video Splitter: Have a large video file and need to split it into smaller parts? Maybe trim off the beginning and end and don’t want to fire up the full Video editor. This will enable you to do just that!
  6. Watch Video: A Video player plain as simple, no explanations needed.

So what does the editor look like? Well you have your timeline, file and effect browser and preview. Know what? Have a look at the screenshot below and it will all make sense.

Highlighted Timeline for editing.
The preview window to see what your render will look like when its finished.
The options, effects, titles, transitions, filters, and more! It’s amazing!

Best thing to do, is play around in the editor, add some files and familiarize yourself with the program. A a video editor, this is a solid piece of software that will certainly give you lots of ways to express your creativity.

The audio tools

The Video Suite 2021 has a couple of built-in audio tools and main highlights here are the file convertor and recorder.

The Audio tools in Movavi Video Suite 2021
  1. Convert Audio: The same file convertor we saw earlier can also convert your audio files from one type into another!
  2. Record sound: An easy to use audio recorder for those time you want to record a podcast or narration.
  3. Burn audio to CD: Do you still use CD’s? I know don’t, but maybe this one will come in handy one day when someone needs it. Its here, if you need it.
  4. Play Music: As before a built-in music player. It’s the same multimedia player as the one linked in the video tools, you can set it as your default but I have grown so used to my own choice of player that I will just leave this one for what it is.

As you can see there is no fully features audio editing tool, which would have been a great addition to the suite. My personal favorite is still Adobe Audition or Audacity(Open Source) if you are looking for an alternative. I do have to mention that the Video Editor has built-in audio tools such a an Equalizer, Noise reduction and Beat Detector. So those will come a long way to edit your video audio.

And if you’re very serious about upping the quality of your videos and/or podcasts why not pick up a new microphone such as the BOYA BY-M1 (Great beginners mic, cheap and durable) or maybe consider the very popular Blue Yeti.

And if you want to take even further and have a bit more to spend, then, I recommend the Audio-Technica Shotgun Condenser AT875R.

Photo tools

The real reason you’ll be using this category is the slideshow creator. And if I’m honest its an incredibly useful application to have as a teacher.

  1. File converter (We’ve seen this one pop up before haven’t we…)
  2. Create slideshows: An absolute winner if you ask me!
The Photo tools in Movavi Video Suite 2021

You can simply drop your photos into the app and the software does all the rest.

Slideshow maker
  1. Drop in your image files.
  2. Select a template.
  3. Add your own or built-in music.
  4. Preview your file and add titles.
  5. Export and share it everywhere!

It’s that easy! I love it! It must be my favorite tool in the suite, after the editor and recorder of course. 😉

My Verdict

I really like this Video Suite. It has solid prgrams that enoablle you to do everyhing you want to do as a beginning video creator. You have the basic tools and a number of slightly more advanced ones all built into the editor and the addition of file convertors ans screen recorder helps to bring everything together.

One thing I did distracting about using the software is the frequent instances of upselling or seeing other Movavi products being advertised. This happened a lot the first few days after the install but quickly stopped as I clicked out of the pop ups. So don’t let that stop you from enjoying this great piece of software.

It is definitely one to join the ranks of other great Creation software for beginners and intermediate users.

Oh and I almost forgot! They gave everyone reading this and watching the video above a discount to say thank you for checking out the software!

Try Movavi Video Suite for free: Link And if you like it, here’s a 20% off coupon: BTG21

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