Appointment slots in Google Calendar

Recently we had to get our Parent consultations organized and guess what? In the current climate that meant moving them all online! So naturally this would mean a lot of planning, admin and allocating the Meet links to Parents. OR

We could just use Appointment slots in Google calendar. Using appointment slots in calendar we were able to create a different calendar for each teacher, allocate sloots of a set duration and let pparent sign up by themselves. The best part; as they sign up they get an automated response confrming the sign up and a Google Meet link for the set time is autoamatically generated.

What an amazing timesaver! Follow along with the step by step overview or watch the tutorial at the bottom of this page.

Here’s how you set it up and can use it yourself: Please note you need a Google Workspace account to have access to Appointment slots. If for some reason you are not seeing appointment slots as an option in your Calendar, make sure you switch to the Day or Week view.

Now you should be able to use appointment slots.

Step 1: Prepare the calendar

Open your Google Calendar and select the total duration you will be available for appointments.

Makes sure you select the start and end time of the event. (You can do this by dragging the box, or manually typing in the time)

Step 2: Select the Appointment slots as an option and name your event.

Once you have switched to the Appointment slots option you can set the duration of each individual appointment. This is how long each booked slot will be. Perfect for consultations and meetings with students.

Note: If you do not see this option you are either in the ‘month view’ or not using a Workspace account.

Step 3: Find the appointment page

The appointments page is where your parents and/or students will sign up. To find this, click on the event and find the link to your appointment page.

You can share the url to this page to anyone who should be given access to sign up for an appointment.

As people sign up less slots will be available.

The booked slots appear as blue and the available slots are in a grey colour.

Step 4: See who signed up for the appointments.

As people sign up they will appear on your personal calendar. To have clear overview of who has signed up, select the scheduled view from the available calendar views.

Step 5: Find the Meet link

Appointment slots automatically generate a Google Meet link for you and you can find this by clicking on the individual appointment page and navigating to the link section.

Alternatively you can open up Google Meet and will see your next 5 meetings of that day on the home page.

Follow along with the tutorial Video

Click on the video below for the full walkthrough on setting up Appointment slots in Google Calendar and auto assign Meet links.


  1. Great tutorial! Thank you. Have you ever run across a situation where the Google Meet Link did not get added to someone’s appointment slots? I checked and that feature is turned on in our Admin settings for our calendar workspace. It is working for some but not for others. The time slots are getting booked and we can see the bookings in the appointment block so we know that part is working. Thank you in advance for your thoughts on this!

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