Teach Computing to your class today!

As the world moves forward, thankfully many schools are now embracing a shift in the teaching of ICT and shifting their attention to Computational Thinking and Computing lessons, students are preparing themselves for the future!

However, often the Computer Science subject ends up being taught by class teachers and many are scared or unsure of where to begin. Scratch, Code.org and Google CS are great resources, but far from the only ones available. Having recently presented on this at the Bangkok AppsEvents Summit, I got the feeling many teachers are looking for some alternative apps, programs and links to introduce coding to their classes. 

All I can say is that we live in very fortunate time and NEVER before have their been this many programs available for us to use and/or try! In this presentation, shared below, I have tried to outline a simple list of different apps and programs each with hyperlinks. These are for you, as class teacher, to use as a tool and/or as extra provision for those students.

Outlining some of their key features, this will hopefully be a powerful tool you can use on a regular bases to refer to when teaching coding.

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