Successful GEG Event and Updates on Videos

Back with another Blog post and this time I would like to share with you a little bit about our most recent GEG West Bangkok Event.

This event was held last Saturday and with over 20 attendees can officially be called a successful event. We are already busy planning our Next event!

We had various Keynotes on topics such as ‘Bee-Bots and Programmable Robots in the Early Years’, ‘The Big Idea’, ‘What is GEG?’ and workshops on ‘Google Drive Basics’, ‘Kanbanchi Project Manager’, ‘Using G+ and Edmodo as your PLN/PLC’ and ‘Getting Certified’.

Flipped Classroom Tutorials led 2 of these smaller workshops and a keynote on Bee-Bots, but more about the content of these sessions and access to the presentations will be available shortly on the official GEG West Bangkok Blog.
You can find this Blog here:

In the meantime I’ve been very busy recording and uploading videos for you all.

The first of these videos has been a Q&A. This one in particular was as a reply to a Comment left on one of my previous videos.

You can watch it here:

The second video is on a Chrome Web App, and the first in a new series in which I will review useful Chrome App I use to improve or speed up my workflow.

This one is all about Kanbanchi a free Project Managing App, which allows you to integrate with Google Apps and Collaborate on Dashboards.

You can watch the video Here:

Having recorded this video and after presenting on Kanbanchi at our recent GEG, I am proud to let you know Kanbanchi has generously given each and everyone of you a One Year Free Pro account in return for feedback on their app.

You can find the feedback form in the Description on YouTube.

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