Quick Update on my Offline time…

Hi everyone,

I know… I’ts been quiet… Too quiet! I’ve been very busy traveling, teaching my wonderful class and setting up all sorts of side projects. I am very excited to return to the Blogging Space now that Time is a bit more supportive.
I am also looking forward to sharing some of these projects with you (the readers) and will continue to share in future posts as these develop.

“What have you been doing?” is probably what some of you are asking.

Well If you are already a subscriber on my YouTube channel you will have noticed that I have continued posting videos onto my channel on a wide range of different Google Products.

But, to return to my original point: Here are some of the things I’ve been doing.

The first will be more of an ongoing project. I’ve been thinking about getting more involved with GEG West Bangkok for a while now and have finally started this, we have been planning a Second Meetup for GEG West Bangkok and will share more on this later, once confirmed.


So far GEG Bangkok has only had one Meetup and we are very excited about increasing these meetings and reaching even more people.

If you are unfamiliar with GEG’s. GEG stands for Google Educators Group and is run by ‘us’ (Google educators and enthusiast) to share best practice and ideas.

Another side project has been slightly more personal as I have continued my own Google Qualifications.

After completing my Google Certified Educator Course I looked into continuing this and signed up for The AppsEvent Certified Admin Course Level 1 and Level 2.

At last Months AppsEvent Bangkok Google Summit, I finally completed these and thus I can now proudly show off these three ‘fancy’ badges 🙂


Next on my to do list is to complete my Certified Google Trainer application and Send it off to Google. The Application period for 2015 Q4 has started last week, and I am currently recording my video to go with my ‘Training resume’ and ‘Case Study’.

More news on that later.

My next couple of posts will probably be with highlights and tutorials of the videos I’ve uploaded these last couple of months.

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