3 Amazing Google Drive tips and tricks you need to know!

Back with some more tips and tricks. 3 Big Tricks and Tips in this Blog Post

First Tip: Conversion of different formats

A lot of us use Google Apps for Education and LOVE it! However, we still have a lot of old resources or resources from other websites in all sorts of formats.

If you are like me you still have to upload Microsoft Word documents from time to time and Automatically Converting them to Google Doc format is the best way to ensure you are not getting confused or end up with conflicting copies.

Google Drive can do this conversion for you without having to prompt Drive. You do however have to set the default setting to Automatically convert!

Second Tip: Off line Access

YES! When using Chrome you have full offline access to your Drive and files. Make sure your settings are set up correctly and you will never again have a problem when the power goes because of that Thunder storm. Or because you are on a plane, or someone unplugged your router(haha, happens to all of us!)

Final Tip: Convert PDF files into Google Docs Format for Edit.

One of the questions I get asked the most is “Can you convert a pdf? I want to edit/copy some information”

Well, the answer to that questions is YES, and you don’t have to purchase software or install anything. All you need is your very own Google account and Google Docs! That’s right! This video will walk you trough the steps.

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