Automatic Currency Conversion in Google Sheets

This will be my fifth tutorial on the use of Google Sheets.

This time we look at something I’ve had to use a couple of times, especially living in a country not my own.

Often you need to convert currencies, for instance to keep track of income or expenses, and it’s always a nuisance to update the latest exchange rates to keep your calculations up-to-date. With Google Drive, you no longer need to change all your formulas.

In any cell of your Google Docs spreadsheet you can use the =GoogleFinance(“”) function to pull in an exchange rate from real time data, so calculations are always up to date without having to look up the exchange rate.

If you want to know exactly how it’s done have a look at the following Tutorial video.

The formulas used in the video are:
Euro to US dollar: =GoogleFinance(“CURRENCY:EURUSD”)
Euro to Thai Baht: =GoogleFinance(“CURRENCY:EURTHB”)
Other: =GoogleFinance(“CURRENCY:<from currency symbol><to currency symbol>”)

Find all the Currency Codes here:

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