Use GAFE (Google Apps For Education) to host and publish a blog and/or Vlog

As a teacher passionate about technology, it’s no secret that I love GAFE!

Google apps have changed the way we teach, support and interact with our pupils. It makes it easier to ‘flip’ your classroom and the children love working in the ‘cloud’. No more: “Mr. I forgot to save!” or “I’ve left my thumb drive at home”, etc…

Did you know you can also use GAFE (Google Apps For Education) to host and publish a blog and/or Vlog? 

In order to do this you will use both Google Drive and Google Sites.

The great thing about Google sites is having a Website with different pages and giving individuals access to edit some or all pages! Furthermore, you can subscribe to page changes. Doing this will make sure Google sends out an email every time a change is made to the website. A great tool to motivate those ‘less active’ students to post more content!

This first video explains how you can Upload your videos to Drive and use Sites to insert these videos onto your Google Sites creating VLOG(Video Logs) posts. Next time I will go into permissions and assigning different authors/editors to different pages.

Have fun Blogging!

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