How To Create a QR Code with Audio

QR-Codes are becoming increasingly popular and we can now see them all around us. They are popping up on packaging, billboards, in magazines and on flyers.

What many people might not realise is just how easy it is to create your very own QR-Codes. Especially in Education this opens many doors to creativity and independent exploration by the children.

On this blog we will try and share some great things you can do at home or in class using QR-Codes. To find out more about QR-Codes, search this Blog or click on the Label ‘QR-Codes’.

To kick off our learning; See how to create your own QR-codes that automatically play an audio file when scanned. Great for use in school or class as children/parents just scan the code to hear your message.

To Record a Short Message: 

Make sure you have a good microphone connected to your computer as the build-in Microphones are usually inadequate.

To upload a Pre-recorder message:

This website has a multi-upload function which helps a lot if you need to upload many different files. The website will create a separate link for each file.

To create your QR-Code:

I love this website! It gives you the options to customize your QR-code with Logo’s, colours and gradients. When finished you can render the image on High Resolution(40) which is big enough to print on a A4 or A3 Paper.

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